Prevent Mobilegeddon!

…and Mobile-ocalypse

…and Mobile-tastrophe

…and any other contrived and frightening end-of-the-world mobile analogies!

Yes, the online marketing community has really hyped this. But, OK, you probably do need to make your website mobile-friendly. If you don’t, your website may soon get less exposure in Google search results than it’s getting today.


But STOP! Are you only looking for an agency that will make your site mobile-responsive?

The we recommend that you go back to the Google Search Results page and try another agency. We could do that work for you, of course, but you’ll find cheaper options for such a conversion project.


Or are you looking to get quality leads for your professional service firm, through both mobile and traditional devices?

Then you can stop looking now. This is what we specialize in.

Yes, we’ll make your website mobile-responsive. But, more importantly, we will bring in great new online leads for your business.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Craft (or refine) your business’ unique selling proposition (USP) for your selected target market and corresponding service offering
  2. Build highly-targeted website landing pages that immediately engage your ideal prospects and convert them into leads.
  3. Bring your ideal prospects to your landing pages through focused paid advertising campaigns (PPC)
  4. Provide a monthly report showing key paid advertising metrics that let you calculate accurate ROI for your online lead generation


Yes, you need a mobile-responsive website.

And many agencies can do that for you.

But if what you really need is a consistent supply of ideal prospects to speak with — prospects that will convert into clients and deliver a high ROI for your advertising dollars — then let’s talk.

We’ll quickly determine if we’re a good fit. If we are, then together we’ll do great things for your online business growth.


Why choose Prometheus?

Online lead generation for professional services is all we do. It requires a special mixture of building up authority while tearing down objections. We understand how to attract and convert your ideal clients online.

Our founder, Andrew Percey, holds two advanced degrees from MIT and eight U.S. patents. He has advised over 50 MIT startups and 20 established businesses, helping them gain thousands of new clients online.

Contact us now. Start getting great new clients today!

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“Our clients are multi-million dollar global agribusinesses. Prometheus not only helped us craft exceptional messaging for our highest value target clients, but also designed and implemented cutting-edge and visually appealing landing pages.”

Christopher Lanoue

President, Nautilytics

“Not only have my leads picked up, but I’m getting better clients — with larger budgets ($150,000+) and bigger margins.”

John McLellan

Owner, Search 2 Sales

“Within 4 months Prometheus doubled our conversion rate and tripled our total conversions while also cutting our ad spending. This led to a substantial increase in our profitability.”

Glen Weinberg

COO, Fairview Lending