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3 Ways to Map Keywords to Your Small Business Web Site

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 | 1 comment

Maybe you already know your web site’s “money” keywords.  You know — the ones that are going to get you to page #1 of Google when your ideal customers search online. Or maybe you’re researching keywords right now.  Either way, once you have them, how do you optimally map keywords your web site?


map keywords for coffee


Here’s how to map keywords to your web site in order to bring you the best organic search traffic from Google.

First we need to understand a critical concept.

You can only fully optimize a given web page for a single keyword.

Yes, a page can target multiple keywords.  But only one keyword can be given the prime SEO real estate in the url, title tag, h1 tag and description tag.

Learn how to perform effective search engine optimization for these page elements

This single most-valuable keyword for the page is called the primary keyword. Other keywords that we include on the page are called secondary keywords.

Now let’s see how to optimally map keywords to a web site.

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Keyword Research for Busy Small Business Owners

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 | 3 comments

In last week’s post I demonstrated WHY keyword optimization still matters, especially for small business owners.  In this post I’ll cover HOW you can do your own effective keyword research in under 2 hours!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Matrix Style
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NOTE: This post focuses on keyword research for organic SEO optimization, not for paid ad campaigns, which is quite different.

How to Perform Effective and Efficient Keyword Research for your Small Business Web Site

One of my goals is to help small business owners perform effective online marketing in as little time as possible.

When it comes to choosing keywords, you could spend weeks on it. You could invest in a dozen different tools, each of which will give you a few more ideas or a slightly different take.  You could pay an expert to do all this for you (which could make good sense if you don’t have the time or interest).

But you can also do keyword research yourself and get 80% of the results for just 20% of the effort.   Here’s how, using only a spreadsheet, free Google tools, and your own experience from running your small business.

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3 Reasons Why Keyword Optimization Still Matters

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 | 2 comments

We small business owners are constantly trying to reach new customers online.  And if you’re like most of us, you have a nagging feeling that you need to do something about your web site SEO. You’ve probably heard that you need to perform “keyword optimization”, whatever that means. And you may have heard conflicting opinions about how much all this matters to Google today, and if it will still matter to Google tomorrow.

Keyword Optimization for Google Search

Keyword optimization means aligning the presentation of your online products and services to what your ideal customers are searching for.  

Sometimes our ideal customers are searching for our product or service with their wallets out.  And that’s when we want our small business web sites to show up at the top of Google’s organic rankings.  Right?

Here are 3 reasons why keyword optimization still matters and will continue to matter.

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