Don’t Miss Out on Google Ads Conversions!

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Google Ads Conversions

In a nod to customer privacy concerns, Apple rolled out “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” (ITP) in its Safari Browser over the past year.  This change effectively disables most 3rd-party cookies from the Safari browser after just 24 hours.  On its face, this means that Safari users who click a Google Ads ad have only 24 hours to “convert” (submit a form, call you, etc.).  If they convert after 24 hours, that critical conversion data will be lost forever!

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Google Pushes Business Websites to Use HTTPS (SSL)

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Google has been on a mission to spread the use of HTTPS, especially for business websites. Last year it began giving a slight SEO boost to HTTPS pages in its free organic search listings. Now Google is taking a much more visible step that will hurt your business website lead generation and sales if you don’t take action. This is especially important if you are paying for leads with Google AdWords or other PPC channels.

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What the Big Changes to Google AdWords Mean for You

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Google just announced the biggest changes to AdWords since, well… AdWords (born 2001 A.D.).

Remember that sunny day a few months ago when all the ads in the right column of the Google search results pages suddenly up and vanished? Poof!


google adwords changes may 2016


That was just a warm-up stretch.

Last week Google announced the details of the next phase of their “mobile-first” strategy. Over half of Google searches now occur on mobile devices and tablets. So Google is working towards a near-term future of seamless experiences across devices – mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Removing the right column ads allowed Google to streamline the ad experience between all these devices.  With this change up to 4 ads appear above the free organic search results, and up to 3 ads appear beneath.  It’s the same on all devices.

Now Google is ready for the next phase.  Are you?

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Can Google AdWords Work for YOUR Business?

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I lost $13,757 on Google AdWords with my first business.


burning through money with Google AdWords


That totally sucked, especially since I was self-funding. Someday I’ll write a post about it so you can learn from my painfully embarrassing mistakes.

I was new to AdWords at the time, so of course I made many technical mistakes. But my biggest mistake was simply not understanding the following:

Google AdWords could never have worked for that business model!

I know that now, and the reasons are crystal clear.  (And I’m glad that business is now ancient history.)

But what about you?  What about your business?

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Kill the Rotating Banner… If You Want New Customers

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Few website features are as popular as rotating banners. And few are so effective at killing your online lead generation.

Rotating banners are also known as “image carousels” or “sliders”.  They allow you to show multiple banner messages to your website visitors by presenting them one at a time.  They usually rotate automatically at fixed time intervals. Sometimes a visitor can control the rotation with banner navigation.

Rotating banners are popular because they allow you to reduce clutter and make every banner large and beautiful.

Here’s an attractive example of a Boston law firm with a rotating banner.

boston lawyer rotating banner

So what’s the problem?

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How to NOT Overwhelm (and Lose) Your Website Visitors

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OVERWHELMED visitors = CONFUSED visitors = LOST visitors!

This is a common website lead generation problem. And it’s hard for you, the business owner, to fix by yourself.

Why? Because you’re in love with your website content. All of it. And you want all your website visitors to read it from beginning to end and love it, too.

But they never will.

Imagine that a new prospect visits your office in person, wanting to learn what you could do for them. You greet them with:

“Welcome! Great to have you here. See that filing cabinet over there? It has all the information you’d ever want to know about us. Please look through it all and let us know if you have any questions!”


overwhelming filing cabinet - is this your website?


Good prospects are busy people. They have other things to do with their lives. They are wisely greedy with their time. They are impatient. And online, they are 10 times more impatient.

Visitors will not take the time to rummage through your filing cabinet of a website!

So how do you fix a filing cabinet website?  How do you avoid overwhelming, confusing and losing your website visitors?

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Use Google AdWords and Never Fear ‘Mobilegeddon’

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Chicken Little, the sky is falling!


Prevent Mobilegeddon with Google AdWords


In case you missed it, Google recently changed its search algorithm to favor websites that have mobile-friendly pages.  This means that mobile-friendly web pages will appear higher in search results when a user performs a search on a mobile device.  (Searches on desktop devices are not affected.)

Google’s reason for this is simple: There are now more daily searches performed on mobile devices than on desktop devices. That trend will only continue. And it’s Google’s job to deliver the best possible search results for the majority of its users.

But this announcement led to online hysteria, both real and hyped.  New lingo sprang up to convey the magnitude of this ‘Mobilegeddon’ and ‘Mobileocalypse’.

Should you panic?  It depends…

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