Small Business Internet Marketing
that Attracts and Converts your Ideal Customers

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Increase Revenue & Profit

  • Attract your ideal customers to your website
  • Convert your visitors into paying customers
  • Save your time for the rest of your business

I will help you dominate your niche, break away from your competition, and captivate your ideal customers.

Small Business Internet Marketing with Andrew Percey


Marketing Advisor
to MIT Startups

San Francisco Psychologist Seth Rubin

In my 14 years of experience with web site designers and SEO specialists, Andrew has proven to be the best of the best. He is intelligent, savvy, responsive, and honest. You know that he has your interests at heart.

Dr. Seth Isaiah Rubin, Ph. D.
San Francisco Jungian Analyst
San Francisco Psychologist

Business Coach Jane Cavanaugh

Marketing was the gaping hole in my business. I tried others, but Andy was the first to have the goods. He’s smart and clear, quick to learn my business and create compelling content. He’s exactly what I’ve wanted in a marketing partner.

Jane Cavanaugh
Founder, Leadership Coach
J Cavanaugh Group Inc.

Entrepreneur Eli Smyrloglou

Andrew has delivered more than was anticipated and involved himself in the task as if he was one of my employees. He added a lot to the project and delivered it on time. I am extremely pleased with his service.

Eli Smyrloglou
Inventor and Founder
Air Sampling Devices

You know that effective small business internet marketing can bring you new customers. But you might not know where to start, who to trust, or how to find the time to figure it all out.

I offer a unique all-in-one marketing solution for people just like you. I'll help you stand out from the competition, attract targeted prospects, and convert them into valuable customers.

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Successful small business internet marketing begins and ends with SEO.

Why? Because when we're looking for something online, 85% of us will Google it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means discovering what your ideal customers are looking for online and then aligning your internet marketing efforts to help them find it -- by finding you.

SEO-Based Marketing Strategy SEO-Based
Marketing Strategy

I will develop a customized internet marketing strategy that details and prioritizes the web design efforts and promotional plans necessary to achieve your specific business objectives.

This includes extensive keyword research to fully map out your niche, your target markets and your competition -- all critical for top Google rankings.

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SEO-Based Web Design SEO-Based
Web Design

I will create the optimal online experience for your ideal customers, crafting engaging and compelling messaging that speaks to their urgent needs in their own language and then converts them into paying customers.

I will also perform on-site SEO for your high value keywords to best organize your site and elevate your Google rankings.

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SEO-Based Promotion SEO-Based

I will drive your ideal customers to your web site through a combination of search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and content publication that makes sense for your business model.

Together with acquiring natural links from authoritative sites, these efforts will also boost your authority with Google.

Learn more about Small Business Promotion

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So... are you ready to invest in serious internet marketing to grow your business?

I partner with a maximum of 4 exceptional clients at a time to ensure I can give 100%. And I have a team of talented contractors to augment my capabilities. You will be in great hands.

Let's grow your business online today!

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Learn the Essentials via Email!

Receive blog posts with easy-to-understand insider tips for growing your business online.